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we are humbled to say the least...our goal is great service and excellent results!


Recruitment - Four Seasons Hotels

I have had the pleasure of working with Sangeeta as a recruiter a number of times and she has successfully helped me find top quality candidates for front line agent and call centre management roles. Sangeeta is committed to finding the best candidates for the role and takes the time to understand the job as well as the company brand and culture to ensure a good long term fit. She is easy to work with, well-connected and stands behind her work. Sangeeta is a trusted part of my recruitment strategy.

Andrew Gillespie, Assistant Director, Reservations Operations at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Recruitment -Four Seasons Hotels

Sangeeta Bhatnagar was an excellent speaker on the webinar today. Her presentation showed how Customer Experience managers can use the DISC model to coach their Agents. Because she’s a contact centre veteran, her examples were perfectly tailored to today’s call centre environment.

Mike Aoki, President, Reflective Keynotes Inc.

Training -Reflective Keynotes
Recruitment - Nuvoxx

“I have been partnering with Sangeeta for contact centre talent sourcing since she placed a role for me 15 years ago.  Since then, and across 5 companies, I keep going back.  She's that good.  I have worked with dozens of firms before but no one delivers are provides such exceptional client experience like Sangeeta.” 

Neal Dlin, Founder and Principal, Chorus Tree Consulting (acting Head of Service for Sonnet Insurance)

Recruitment -Sonnet Insurance

I have used several recruiters in the past with mixed results, but I will probably not look elsewhere after having used Sangeeta. Sangeeta’s approach is unique with respect to how much effort is invested by her upfront to truly understand the business need, corporate culture and profile of the role. This results in high quality candidates who are a great fit for the role and have skills that are required to succeed. It also saves time in terms of having to review CVs and having to interview candidates who look good on paper but are not a good fit for the role or the organization. Sangeeta’s extensive network enables her to engage in referral-based recruiting which also contributes to quality. Overall, I will not hesitate to engage Sangeeta again

Ivan Kovacevic, Vice President of Client Services, NuVoxx

Recruitment -Nuvoxx

If you want your team running at peak performance, Sangeeta is the person for the job. She helped our team learn to better communicate by recognizing personality styles and taught us how to work cohesively as a team. She brings a unique energy to her training sessions that keeps everyone engaged and learning.

Grace Kempers, Police Officer at Peel Regional Police

Training - Peel Regional Police

I had the pleasure of working with Sangeeta during my recruitment to TELUS. She is personable, professional and has a high degree of knowledge of the contact centre industry. She works well with her clients to ensure that they have the tools and insights needed to present themselves in the most professional light.

Katherine Thompson, Business and Partnership Builder

Recruiting - Telus

Sangeeta Bhatnagar has conducted 6-Level 2 Sales Techniques classes at our site. She instantly became a valued member of our team because of her dynamic personality.

Sangeeta is a wonderful professor and mentor. She is enthusiastic, energetic, patient, kind, and fair to all students. I have seen a significant improvement in our employee’s interpersonal skills since taking her class. Many of the students in her class have never presented in front of a large group before. Her teaching and motivation made them feel comfortable, even when pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone.

Our employees are not paid for the time that they are in her class, yet many of them told me they couldn’t wait until the next class, as they learned so much, and she made it so enjoyable.


At the end of each class, we surveyed the class for feedback. See below for a small snapshot of what our employees are saying about Sangeeta.

What words would you use to describe Sangeeta as a facilitator/trainer, and how have you benefited from this session?

• Sangeeta is a very kind-hearted, good trainer/coach, and I have learned so many things from this class, which I am using at my workplace, as well as my life.

• Sangeeta is a very outgoing, friendly individual that interacts well with the class. Her teaching techniques make this class interesting and fun!

• Super enthusiastic, energetic, firm, and knowledgeable. The presentations, case studies and team work lead me to be a better performer, better co-worker and undoubtedly a better human being.

• Very lively, interactive and engaging. Never made the class boring. I loved the class. BEST class I took so far in my life.

• Insightful, understanding, direct and complimentary. I have been able to calm myself down more and my personal business relationships have improved because of her.

• I found that Sangeeta was a well-rounded facilitator. She demonstrated patience and professionalism at all times. She kept the class on task and even managed to incorporate some fun while doing so. She was someone that one could relate to us all at times. She is very respectable.

• I found Sangeeta to be extremely knowledgeable, patient, friendly and encouraging. I’ve benefited from the session by learning with my peers, how I communicate and how to interpret communication of others, enabling me to achieve successful interactions and outcomes. As a Trainer, I’ve also benefited by observing Sangeeta’ s facilitation style, efficiently assessing and coaching each individual, in a class with a much larger than average number of participants.

• Sangeeta was an exceptional facilitator. She had a keen understanding of the individuals in the group and ensured her teaching techniques were varied to ensure all would receive the maximum benefit of the class. Sangeeta used humour and real examples to create a fun and diverse training environment and was very effective at keeping all participants engaged

Karen Schilling, Recruiting and Training Manager at Zedd Customer Solutions LP Inc.

Training - Zedd Customer Solutions
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